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  • Facial Treatment

    5 Care Program
    • Orchidee Imperiale Prestige Treatement

      The perfect facial treatment with powerful and long-lasting effects of orchid extracts.

      Guerlain's years of beauty experience and Orchidee Imperiale will offer you the perfect solution for your skin. Experience its immediate effects.

      Orchidee Imperiale's elasticity restoration massage stimulates the skin with repetitive, gentle yet precise movement, easing the muscles on the face and neck. The result is refined facial contour and decolletage.

      Three different masks are used to nourish the skin. Each contain Longevity Concentrate, the essence of Orchidee Imperiale technology, boosting the mask's beneficial properties by creating a synergy effect.

      All visible signs of aging will come to a halt ? and the skin will recover its natural glow and elasticity. The transformation is swift and immediately noticable.

      2hrs 30mins : KRW 561,000 (VAT included)
    • Abeille Royale Honey Repair Treatment

      Highly functional lifting and elasticity-repair treatment for smooth and supple skin.

      Rice powder clears the skin's surface and prepares it for the next treatment ? the special stamp massage containing botanical extracts. It has a micro-peeling effect that restores elasticity and detoxifies the skin.

      Abeille Royale Youth Serum is a special serum from the Pure Royal Concentrate line containing bee by-products. It improves fine lines, restores elasticity in skin cells, and boosts the skin's innate ability to heal.

      After a facial massage comes a special face mask and wrinkling smoothing procedure to eliminate fine lines, restore skin elasticity, and bring out its inner glow. Elevate your skin's condition to its optimum.

      1hrs 30mins : KRW 368,500 (VAT included)
    • Intensive Facial

      Two hours of sheer relaxation for pure and illuminous skin. Starting from deep cleansing the program moves on to 25 minutes of Guerlain skin massage, a custom mask, and active skincare concentrate strengthening care. Brighten your skin and improve its overall texture.

      2hrs : KRW 396,000 (VAT included)
    • Complete facial

      Deep cleansing facial therapy that begins with 19 minutes of Guerlain's special skin massage followed by an active skincare concentrate, and finishes with a mask. Experience complete relaxation and restoration.

      1hrs 30mins : KRW 291,500 (VAT included)
    • Radiance Facial

      Deep cleansing, five minutes of special Guerlain skin massage, and a mask to restore your skin's radiance and improve your complexion.

      1hrs : KRW 203,500 (VAT included)
  • Face & Body Treatment

    1 Care Program
    • "Signe Guerlain" Discovering Face & Body

      Two hours of absolute relaxation through professional body treatment using advanced technology. Your specially trained beauty coach will use rhythmic therapy techniques to restore your skin's innate glow. Rest your body while a specialist boosts its metabolism and refreshes.

      2hrs : KRW 396,000 (VAT included)
  • Harmonized Service

    4 Care Program
    • Guerlain Touch

      The best pick for the athletic. The slow and strong pressure applied with the tips of the fingers eases the tension and knots in sore muscles.

      1hrs : KRW 198,000 / 1hrs 30mins : KRW 286,000 / 2hrs : KRW 379,500(VAT included)
    • Stress Relief

      Rhythmic pressure technic to alleviate stress and deliver good condition.

      1hrs : KRW 198,000 / 1hrs 30mins : KRW 286,000 / 2hrs : KRW 379,500(VAT included)
    • Imperial Therapy

      Elevates bodily energy by restoring its balance through absolute relaxation.

      1hrs : KRW 198,000 / 1hrs 30mins : KRW 286,000 / 2hrs : KRW 379,500(VAT included)
    • Pre/Post Natal Therapy

      Therapy for women in their 16 week of pregnancy or further that helps ease the discomfort and pain. It improves skin elasticity and stimulates circulation.

      1hrs : KRW 198,000 / 1hrs 30mins : KRW 286,000 / 2hrs : KRW 379,500(VAT included)
  • Partial-day Experiences

    2 Care Program
    • Take a Break

      The package encompasses all of Guerlain's program. It is the ultimate session for relaxation of the body and restoring the skin.

      3hrs : 522,500 (VAT included)
    • Guerlain PKG : Travel Prescriptions

      The most prestigious program that allows you to experience the full Guerlain spa program. Anti-aging Orchidee Imperiale facial treatment followed by a detoxifying and blood circulation boosting spa program, relaxing body massage, intensive body therapy, and other top-tier programs.

      4hrs 30mins : 869,500 (VAT included)
* 10% tax is included.
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