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The Library

The Library
A New Concept Lounge, Bar and Social Space The Library (하단 내용 참조)
The Library 사진
The Library 소개(하단 내용 참조)
1nd Floor, The Shilla Seoul
Open / Close

Lounge & Bar : 10:00 ~ 24:00

A La Carte  11:00 ~ 17:00

Bar Plates  18:00 ~ 23:00

Royal Tea 12:00 ~ 20:00

Tel) 02-2230-3388~9
143 seats, 4 rooms(Maximum capacity of 12 persons. Private room users are subject to extra charges.)

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Promotion & Event
This is an image of The Library’s Summer Royal Tea. Featuring seasonal pastries and savories full of the summer flavors, refreshing desserts. The Radiant Summer Royal Tea 2023-06-01 ~ 2023-08-31
There are Jeju apple mango bingsu the center of the image followed by mango sherbet and red bean paste. Lovely Mariage BingVine 2023-04-27 ~ 2023-08-31
202, Jangchung-dong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-856, Hotel Shilla Co., Ltd.