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  • Camping Village Lunch Event

    2019-07-08 ~ 2019-08-31

      This summer we are serving Camping Village lunch at our luxury Glamping Village.

  • Rooftop Music Party

    2019-07-01 ~ 2019-08-31

      A music party featuring high-energy live performances is taking place at the rooftop poolside bar.

  • PAR
    'Summer Healthy Food' Special Dinner Buffet

    2019-07-01 ~ 2019-08-31

      The Parkview is offering flavorsome and health-friendly dishes.

  • PSB
    Summer of Ade

    2019-07-01 ~ 2019-08-31

      The poolside bar is offering "ade" drinks flavored with natural summer fruit.

  • BAD
    Apple Mango Crepe

    2019-07-01 ~ 2019-08-31

      Badang offers an Apple Mango Crepe featuring a sweet and cool AppleMango combined with soft Mascarpone cheese.

  • BAD
    Special Apple Mango Frappe

    2019-03-01 ~ 2019-08-31

      Badang offers a premium snowdrop Frappe with the full flavor of 'apple mango', giving it a sweet, natural apple fragrance.

  • PSB
    Soombi Mango Icecream

    2019-04-15 ~ 2019-09-30

      Enjoy the cool, sweet taste of summer and the wonderful scenery of the poolside bar.

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