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There are Jeju apple mango bingsu the center of the image followed by mango sherbet and red bean paste.

Lovely Mariage BingVine

The Library presents Bingsu paired with wine.
Enjoy the best pairing wine that adds flavor to our signature dessert, Jeju Apple Mango Bingsu.

Date : April 27th ~ September 3rd, 2023

Hours : 11:00 ~ 23:00

Venue : The Library (1F)

Inquiries : +82-2-2230-3388

* Bing Vine (Jeju Apple Mango Bingsu, 2 glasses of wine) : KRW 130,000

* Bingsu only : KRW 98,000

202, Jangchung-dong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-856, Hotel Shilla Co., Ltd.