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From the center to clockwise, there are a special Sushi, seasonal Sashimi, braised Sea bream head in soy sauce, and chef’s special dessert, Monaka and fruits pudding.


Ariake offers a special gratitude menu consisting of Ariake's signature dishes and steady sellers.

Enjoy meaningful moments with your beloved ones.

Date : May 1st ~ 31st, 2023

Venue : Ariake (2F)

Reservation : +82-2-2230-3356

  • Lunch

    - Vinegared Yam and Mozuku

    - Greenling in Clear Soup

    - Damyang Fresh Bamboo Shoots and Korean Cold Beef Shabu Shabu

    - Seasonal Sashimi

    - Deep-fried Shrimp and Devil Stinger

    - Braised Sea Bream Head in Soy Sauce with Rice
    Or Chef's Sushi Special

    - Chef's Special Dessert

    180,000 KRW
  • Dinner

    - Sea Urchin Egg Custard

    - Lobster and Apricot Sauce Salad

    - Greenling and Damyang Fresh Bamboo Shoots in Clear Soup

    - Seasonal Sashimi

    - Broiled Jeju Shiro-Amadai in Miso Sauce

    - Deep-fried Devil Stinger

    - Chef's Sushi Special

    - Chef's Special Dessert

    250,000 KRW

202, Jangchung-dong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-856, Hotel Shilla Co., Ltd.