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Guest Activity Organizer Overview (Refer to below)
G.A.O. Program
[Outdoor] Yacht Sailing
Sunset Yacht Tour

Enjoy a chillaxing moment on the sea and appreciate the marvelous view of the Jeju coastline in harmony.

2023 Year 3 Month (2023-03-01~2023-03-31)

Program schedule
Day Monday , Wednesday , Friday , Sunday Time P.M. 17:20~18:50
Eligibility Over 36 months Fee Children KRW 33,000, Adults KRW 50,000 per person
Location Daepo-port harbor (a fifty-passenger yacht)

- Program : Fishing, Tour near Jungmun, The most beautiful ocean view of Jusangjeolli cliff, Wolpyeong, Gijeong

※ This may be subject to changes or cancellation depending on the hotel’s circumstances or weather conditions.

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